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Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

High Quality Windows Virtual Server with easy control panel in a Affordable Price

Unique IP Address
High SSD Disk Space
Complete Root Access
Multi Location Data Centers

Windows VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

2 vCPU

$ 99

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4 vCPURecommended

$ 99

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8 vCPU

$ 99

Per Month[rstore_product post_id=”46″ image_size=”none” button_label=”Add to Cart” show_title=”0″ layout_type=”classic” content_height=”300″]

Not interested in Windows? Check out our Linux VPS Plans.

Cheap Windows VPS Features


Windows VPS Hosting by FlickMax is offering high-level DDoS protection, as well as a private space to keep your data safe. You can work on your site with ease without getting afraid of getting your server hacked. FlickMax always monitors the malicious attack on your site, and counter them to keep your business safe.


Not everyone in the market providing unlimited bandwidth. Providers are there who promise to offer unlimited bandwidth but start charging a price after a range. Whereas FlickMax does what it has mentioned and provide you with high-level security, privacy, and unlimited bandwidth, that can manage two million people.

Multi Locations

We offer multi location data centers, so if your one severs is getting higher visitors, then multi location will move you to another sever. Moreover, it will keep you out of lagging, and getting slower. Now your business will be on time, every time.

DDoS Protection

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack is quite a virus attack whose main aim is your server, and various services. Here FlickMax is offering you DDoS protection, so now work tension-free, without any fear. Moreover, you will be safe from different malicious attacks and hackers.

Affordable Price

First of all, compare the price of Windows VPS service from different providers with FlickMax. Here, you will be getting a better product at a much affordable cost than others with unlimited bandwidth and a free MySQL server. It’s guaranteed that no one else will provide better service than FlickMax.

Faster Load Time

Virtual Private Server reserved for your personal use, where no one else will interfere. So, the loading time will be much faster than any other server, with better performance. FlickMax is having a worldwide server, that gives it uniqueness with better loading time.

Better Performance

FlickMax is offering Cheap Windows VPS Hosting with unlimited bandwidth, making it easier to handle heavy traffic. Also, you will be getting the latest tech intel processor, RAM, CPU, and Storage. As this server is dedicated only to you, thus be sure to enjoy an amazing performance like never before.

Unlimited FTP/sFTP

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a rule under which you use to exchange files with the server. Most of the time, your service provider offers you a limited FTP, that brings trouble after working for some time. Therefore, FlickMax is offering you unlimited FTP to finish your uploading on the server faster than anywhere.

Better Control with Root Access

Plesk Control Panel gives you access only to few features of VPS, whereas with root access you can configure multiple plugins and applications. FlickMax is offering you cheap Windows VPS hosting with root access to make you feel free in your workspace.

Supports Popular Web Applications

You must be thinking that every OS supports several hundred applications, then what’s the difference. Here our cheap Windows VPS Hosting supports unlimited services with free upgrades, supports multiple applications like WordPress, MongoDB, and easy control panel etc. In case you are facing any problem during installation, then contact our customer support.

Additional Benefits with Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Friendly Environment

Windows is one of the highly recommended and most used OS worldwide, so working with Windows VPS hosting you get a friendly environment. Although, if you are facing any trouble while working then FlickMax is ready to help you.

24/7 Customer Support

Every VPS service provider gives you a 24×7 support system, but when you call or text them after having the product, no one replies to you back. Once you started working with FlickMax, your safety and support will be our responsibility. We also offer you a 24×7 support system that will keep your problem solved at any moment.

Easy Upgradation

FlickMax offers you with Plesk in Windows server, thus you can easily upgrade any application. As it is a windows server, you will be kept up to date, so that no new application or up-gradation will make your work slower.

Dedicated IP Facility

If you aren’t purchasing a windows server, then the chances of getting a dedicated IP is low. Here in Windows VPS, you will be getting an exclusively dedicated IP address, making it anti hackable. A dedicated IP Facility will help you to work with peace of mind and high-level security.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a mandatory certificate that enables your site with HTTPs and server identity. Without an SSL certificate, your site will not be validated, and have to pay some amount to purchase it. FlickMax will offer you a free SSL Certificate with Windows VPS Hosting services for a year, saving some of your penny and time.

Lifetime Unlimited Bandwidth

Virtual Private Servers always needs higher bandwidth to handle heavy traffic. Thus, FlickMax is offering you unlimited bandwidth that can manage two million visitors. Windows VPS Hosting is providing unlimited bandwidth to make your management more comfortable, so once purchased, then not to worry about bandwidth.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: People Also Ask For

What is Windows VPS?

Windows Virtual Private Servers are similar to a Private Virtual Server, having a physical server hosting multiple virtual servers. Moreover, it offers easy installation and access to the windows control panel, which makes it easier to manage. Furthermore, widows VPS keeps you updated, as it allows frequent OS updates.

Processors, RAM, storage, and bandwidth are few things to be considered while purchasing a Windows VPS. Few sites offer Windows VPS, but with limited bandwidth, whereas, FlickMax is offering you unlimited bandwidth and free MySQL. Compare, before you buy, no one offer’s the price and service like FlickMax.

How Do I Manage My VPS Hosting?

If you are new to server hosting then, better to go for a Managed Windows VPS Server hosting. In case if you have opted for a Self-Managed VPS hosting, then here are some tips to help you out in managing:

  • A primary control panel will be given to you, so try to get acquainted with it and learn about all the features. If you are using a FlickMax self-managed service, then handling will be much easier, as they offer you with easy process of changing console and OS.
  • After learning much about the control panel now it’s time to set your domain name. Click on My Domain then, set a name that you desire, and check for its availability.
  • Moving to the next step after setting your domain service, finally, you have to install the application required. The application differs from the service providers, so don’t get panic because customer service is ready to help you 24×7.

What is VPS Used for?

The most common use of a VPS is handling heavy traffic of the audience. There are several other usages, a few among them suggested here:

  • Hosting a personal server in VPS will be lag-free, fully secure, easy data backup, etc.
  • Always an application or an animation needs a large space to handle. So, using VPS will be much beneficial, as it will be faster than a cloud or shared server.
  • If you are operating a large-size business, then in months’ size of storage will be doubled. VPS can be used as a storage device to save your files securely.
  • As disaster is unpredictable, so it’s better to keep your data backup in VPS.

What are the Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting?

  • The uniqueness of Windows VPS hosting is highly available, therefore having a global support platform.
  • Comes with two management system, fully managed and self-managed, so it is up to you. If you opt for a self-managed Windows server, then it comes with an optimised cPanel.
  • More than 70% of people worldwide use windows as their learner’s Operating system, thus handling will be more relaxed, and you do not have to learn new things.
  • Easy to upgrade the version, so walk with the modern era.
  • Reliable, as windows by Microsoft, is one of the biggest MNC worldwide.

What is the actual meaning of Windows VPS Hosting?

The actual meaning of Cheap Windows VPS hosting is, having a private server where you are the boss. Windows VPS hosting will provide you a reserved space that is secure, faster, and reliable. In case if you are owning a site that is loading slower and lagging when the traffic is high on that field Windows VPS hosting will work.

When Should I Go for Windows VPS Hosting?

There are several reasons, where you should move to Cheap Windows VPS hosting:
The first thing shared hosting provides with limited space, but your business is growing with time. In this situation, you should move to Cheap Windows VPS hosting, and managing heavy traffic will get easier.

Another situation if you are planning to test an application made for large users, then windows server will be a safer and better option.

Animation needs a hulking and fast server, here one and the only best option will be Windows VPS Hosting.

At any moment, if you are feeling that your website is taking a long time for loading, then it’s the moment to take a step to change the rebellion.

What is the Difference Between Windows VPS and Shared Hosting?

  • Windows Server Hosting
    Windows VPS or Virtual Private Server, which means a particular slot only reserved for you. It cost eventually more than a shared server, but it offers high-level security, scalability, easy customization. Furthermore, free upgrading and 24×7 customer support, and available with two different management systems, managed and self-managed.
  • Shared Hosting
    In shared hosting, you will be hosting your site with several other people having similar IP’s. It is a cheaper process, although but isn’t secure and gets slower with time. Moreover, you will not be given a dedicated resource or storage. If someone else is getting bulky business, then it will affect your performance, Check out our windows VPS hosting plans now.

Does VPS Faster Then Shared Hosting?

Undoubtedly you can opt for VPS because it is faster, reliable, and secure than shared hosting. Moreover, in VPS hosting, you will be getting a private space to work. In shared hosting, you will be sharing your space with several unknown people. At any time, you can upgrade your server RAM, Processor, storage, and bandwidth in Windows Server.

Why FlickMax is One of the Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers Globally?

Cardinally, FlickMax is offering you unlimited bandwidth, which is chargeable by other Windows VPS Hosting provider.

Moreover, you will be getting a free MySQL server, without which your windows VPS server is incomplete.

Furthermore, at FlickMax Free SSL certificate for a year. Here you are saving your money, not at a single part, but several parts, which makes FlickMax the best Windows VPS hosting provider.

Why FlickMax Providing Unlimited Bandwidth or unlimited addon domains with Windows VPS Plan?

our all plans are designed to host most personal, small business and organization websites, and thus we offer unlimited bandwidth and some plans offer unlimited disk space and websites. This means that we do not set a limit on the amount of bandwidth or websites or you may use in the operation of your website, provided it complies with this Service Agreement.

Easy to Setup Guides

Get started with Windows VPS Hosting

Log in to FlickMax server

There are a couple of different ways to log in to your FlickMax windows VPS

Read More..
Set up my Windows VPS

After you purchase a VPS, it’s time to complete your setup with its server name and other administrative info.

Monitor My Server

See the resource usage (for CPU, Disk space, and available RAM) and uptime in the Dashboard

Work with Plesk Panel

You can log directly into Plesk using the username and password for your Windows VPS hosting.


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