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Protect your website from the unexpected.

Safeguard your website and data with automatic daily backups and one-click restore.

Website Backup Plan & Pricing

5 GB Backup

$ 2.99

Per Month[rstore_product post_id=”80″ image_size=”none” show_title=”0″ layout_type=”classic” content_height=”410″]

25 GB Backup

$ 3.99

Per Month[rstore_product post_id=”82″ image_size=”none” show_title=”0″ layout_type=”classic” content_height=”410″]

50 GB Backup

$ 6.39

Per Month[rstore_product post_id=”83″ image_size=”none” show_title=”0″ layout_type=”classic” content_height=”410″]

All Plans Include

Built-in daily malware scanning
Automatic daily backups
Back up a file, folder or an entire database
Scheduled or on-demand backups
Continuous security monitoring
Downloads to local storage
Easy one-click restore
Secure cloud storage
Expert 24/7 customer support

Powerful features to give you peace of mind.

Servers crash. Malware makes the rounds. Hackers try to pry their way in. Website Backup keeps your data safe.

Automatic Cloud Backup

Now users can work with ease, without worrying about their site's information, with any service provider of their wish. FlickMax is offering Automatic Cloud Website Backup where the database of a user remains safe with us and ready to be used again anytime. We are providing a faster FTP/SFTP connection to the user for a better experience.

Hacker & Ransomware Protection

The Website Backup service includes scanning and monitoring data before saving. If they find malware inside any file, then with immediate action, it will be removed. All the safe files are saved back to a secure location where the hackers cannot reach.

Safeguard Against System Failure

If a site is having more visitors than its capacity or getting higher page requests, then that may crash, and in this case, Website backup is necessary. Our offsite cloud backup services always keep a site safe by keeping a file ready for use.
Here whenever someone’s site connected with the Website Backup Service of FlickMax gets crashed, then immediately they can restore it from our server. Finally, get the website ready and continue business without any interruption.

One-click site restores

Now no fear of any disaster or malware every file, and folder of our user's site is safe to us. If anything happens suddenly, then the user can recreate and restore their website with one click, clean as nothing ever happens, and ready to use again.

Full and Friendly Controls

A fully user-friendly control to make site backup more convenient for the user, anytime the site is ready to be restored with a single click. Whenever the user feels, they can request a website backup service, and our team is available to help them anytime.

Keep Backup Copies

If someone needs more privacy and safety, then we are offering to download the files to their local desktop. Now on every occasion, they can have easy site migration, with two options.


What types of file transfer is possible with website backup?

FlickMax is having two types of File transfer systems, FTP and SFTP depending, on the server you are using. If you are working with some other service provider, then the Website Backup option will be set by you. In case your website is hosted on our server, our team will fix FTP/SFTP for you, and Website backup will be more lenient.

Does website backup work with other hosts?

Yes, of course, our website backup service is adaptive, so get conveniently adjusted with any hosting provider. You can use the Website Backup of FlickMax for your website with any other service provider that also works efficiently everywhere.

Does website Backup provide security?

Yes, the Website Backup we offer is built for security purposes and site safety. With website backup, it also provides you with malware scan, file, and database encryption to keep everything safe. Moreover, continuous site monitoring will run throughout the day and provides you with offline and online backup.

How does scheduled backup work?

After enabling your Website Backup service, go to the dashboard showing various scheduling options. Now you can schedule your website according to your need, either daily, weekly, or monthly with just one click. Moreover, you are allowed to fix the time of backup.

Which databases are supported?

We offer you with MySQL database as the Website Backup server either you are using Windows or Linux it is compatible with every OS. Your database is always safe on our server and ready to be stored again whenever needed. Moreover, we also offer you with one-click restore option for your database.

How does 1-click restore work?

Our one-click restore works with the following steps:

First, go to the Website Backup menu. 

Now go to the search option. 

Locate the website that needs to get back up. 

Finally, click on restore, and your website is ready. 

Moreover, there is an option to restore your database to your website, just with one click, and e

Does website backup work with WordPress site?

yes, we also offer you with WordPress Website backup, so now either you use Linux or Windows OS, our website backup is ready to help you.

How can I retrieve my data from the website backup?

if you want to restore your data, we offer you the one-click restore option. For this, go to the website backup dashboard, and seek the website that is required restoration. Now, with just one c